Desperately need to know this cracked serif font

I'm looking for the font I lost that I used in a design. I'm pretty sure I downloaded or paid for it somewhere but I've lost the file and have been searching online for the font for 17 hours. Please help! I don't know the name. I need it for a couple products I'm making for a client and the deadline is by tomorrow. The font has to match, as I used it as his logo on all his other products. It will be a huge let down if I can't reproduce this for him. Here's my email address:


ok, i think http://Nightmare 5 is the one you want, with a great deal of vertical scaling going on.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are 100% correct! How did you come to this conclusion? Luckily my customer decided to change their business name at the last minute to POWERHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT, so I was able to talk him into a different font. I'm still glad that you told me that it was Nightmare 5 because he said he wants to use it in the future and It's just cool.

i just hate unsolved puzzles. kept tracking categories of cracked/corroded etc and looking for telling characteristics. the shape of the D makes it easy to scan through and quickly eliminate possibilities.