wanna know the font name


want to know font name

It looks like http://Gabrielle free font by Dieter Steffmann (Typographer Mediengestaltung, 1999) maybe a bit emboldened, or just deteriorated by successive photocopies

Please read all the following posts for starters:
http://typophile.com/node/87124 (Especially Mike's post.)


Tim Ryan (Type Revivals) produced a version of Gabrielle, circa 1992. His comments state that it was based on a design by Hans Möhrin in 1938 for Weber. For a while his fonts were marketed by Agfa/Monotype, but I can no longer find them there or anywhere else. Later on, Vertisoft/Soft Horizons cloned the TR version as 'Gabby Gauguin' (1993). Dieter's implementation(1999) is a clone of one of these.

Does Möhrin have heirs or an estate?
Is Ryan still around? If not, does he have heirs or an estate?