3D Experimental Typography (feedback)

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That's my first posting guys, I'm sorry If I'm posting this on the wrong place.

I could use some feedback, because I've been studying a lot for this.
Thanks (:

ps. It's supose to be written "ETA", btw.

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Looks great, but even if you explicitly asked people "find the three letters in this image" most people would have trouble...


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Hey thanks! I'm suppose to do something more dificult to see, It's a semiotic work... I'm developing more stuff too,
By the way, I got very inspired with Peter Tarka, this guy: http://www.behance.net/trk

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Its very nice - I like the subdued colors and inventive use of space. How did you make it? Can it be 'rotated' as a video or as an applet? You can play with that so the shapes become clearly ETA from a certain angle then scramble a bit (as here) from another angle. Bravo.

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It's really nice although I must agree with hrant. I would probabaly not know that there are three letters in the picture if you didn't tell me. But overall, it's really great and when I look at it, I feel like it's about to move. :) You just need to clarify the letters and I think it would be absolutely perfect! :)

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