mysterious webfont "Verse Sans"

Hi typophiles,

The new social video service features a fresh typeface used throughout their site. CSS inspection reveals the name "Verse Sans", but it doesn't appear related to the Verse typeface that you will find on myfonts if you google the name.

Screen grab attached, or check out

Thanks for your help!



Verse Sans is an exclusive bespoke typeface designed by KLIM Kris Sowersby. It reminds me of Calibre so may be a modified version of it.

Thanks Ryuk!

I should have known... I fall in love with every KLIM typeface I meet.

According to this blog post, looks like it's straight-up Calibre, so the bespoke aspect is probably limited to screen and web optimization.

I hope to see KLIM type made available with retail webfont licensing one day!