handdrawn? — what font is this?

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this line was used by the guest of honor “new zealand” at the last frankfurt book fair. does anybody know what this font is called?


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Need to change glasses (or eyes) because that's definitely Liebe Erika :)

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No? Well, you’ll have to depend on your superior eagle eyes then.

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ok. my fault – you both were right!!! the first example is definitely Liebe Erika (example from myfonts). but it’s not the same as the second sample which is the original font.

any suggestions for the second example?

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My apologies too, I simply overlooked your 2nd sample, assuming it was the same font. Anyway, I tried harder and looked over all "thin condensed handwritten" fonts I know but wasn't able to find it out. I drop here another sample, may be someone else will spot it out.

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i kindof agree with Strangelove (in one or more of it's variations... you choose.

in addition, i sortof wonder if this is a font that has been distorted past its normal (and possibly recognizable) state. if you squeeze a line of the sample disproportionally, can you find something that matches then?

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