Is this a font H2O

Hi! Is this a font H2O?? Can someone help to find it :) tnx


I know of no such font, but for what its worth I compared the pairs of 'a', 'i', 'u' and 'l' glyphs and allowing for the low resolution of the image, they seem identical and so are the two verticals of the 'H'. So it is either a superb piece of lettering (in the sense of graphic consistency) or its a font. The method I used to compare them was to fuse the letter pairs visually using a 'cross-eye' technique, one used in viewing stereoscopic pairs of images: hold a pencil point halfway between the two glyphs and while staring at it bring it towards your nose until the two images 'click' together. Or simply comare using photoshop layers!

Tnx Vladimir for good advice and tnx Ryuk for finding font. Great people here around ;)