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Mecanorma Collection

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Mecanorma was a French company and leading manufacture of instant lettering. The rub down lettering was manufactured by a Dutch company called Polyvroom BV. Around 1985 the company called Trip Productions took over Mecanorma and Polyvroom. In the following years Trip Productions BV developed digital fonts and produced the rub down lettering from Lisse in The Netherlands.

The main product of Mecanorma was always the production of the rub down lettering. It was not easy to to scale down the company when the market of the rub down lettering did almost disappear because of the new technology in the world. Many of the production lines for the rub down lettering were closed down. The rub down lettering is a decal technology and to survive Trip Productions did try to focus on that technology for a long time with success.

In 2012 the decision was made that they had to turn the company around. A new company was formed called Trip Licenses BV and they focus on the license of the Fonts and Patents the company has. The production and sales of the rub down lettering is still active and licensed to ProCraft BV in The Netherlands. The digital fonts are licensed to House of Type (ITF Inc.) in the USA.