pv magazine masthead sans

This one looks very familiar but I can’t pin it down. It is the masthead from the pv magazine. So possibly it is custom, but the »e«, »a« and the »g« look very familiar to me, but I have no clue. Just found similars.

Another thing which let me think it could be custom, is that in all the PDFs (at least those I have seen) they use the masthead inside their copy texts only as embedded picture.

Anyway, I’ll want to give it a try here.

FYI: It’s from a request from a german type-ID site. I am interested in the typeface (if it is one), because it looks clean, contemporary and useful.

Thanks in advance.


Argh, of course! I keep forgetting the wider cuts of this massive family. Thanks again, Akira-san.

Sure, no problem. :)