40s (I think) Book Cover Font

Hello. Looking for ID on these two lovely Maxfield Parrish covers. Shouldn’t be too tough, but too tough for me. Anyone?


Whatever the typeface used on The Arabian Nights cover, it’s rather doubtful it was ever digitized, given the clumsiness of the /R and /S…

Right, very few digital fonts are crappy, especially these days... ;-)


All the Es in the Golden Age cover differ, I think that was hand lettered.

Thank you. Some lovely observations, as ever. If I were to try and mimic the effect on these two covers then, with digital fonts, which ones do you think I might begin my experiments with?

P22Parrish family,
MaxfieldParrish140 rough and clumsy scan based on a hand-writted Parrish alphabet.

For Golden Age, this is in the ballpark…
and the price is right…