The words look like a universe but I don't know what the 678 is... please help




please see Typophile thread 100588

(note, edited to be specific about link location)

@defiantone: When posting links, it’s best to avoid linking phrases like “here” or “click here” or “this article” as:

1. They are uninformative cues as to the destination, and often require the reader to read before and after the ambiguous word in order to determine where it will take them

2. Most importantly, imagine a visually impaired reader using a text-to-speach converter reciting the active hyperlinks on the page. The same word “here” and “here” could easily mean different things, again reinforcing the importance of informative language in hyperlinks.

understood. guess i figured if i said "this thread" they would understand it was to another post on the same board.

I would link like this:

Please see this Typophile thread: Help to identify 678 numbers.

Of course, the language you choose could influence what you link;

From another Typophile thread: [link]