British typeface from 1978

Hi all,

Trying to figure out which typeface this is. It's a 1978 publication from the UK. I figured the Q and W would lead me to the right font, but so far, no luck. I suspect it's not available in digital format, but any pointers to the typeface in general are appreciated. Looks like a serif-y version of Globe Gothic, but that's as close as I've gotten. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!



I see you tried to get your letters close to the Key sample for the Serif Guide, but when I use these characteristics nothing comes close. I still wonder if more than one font is being used. The W is like Baskerville, but the majority of the other letters, except maybe the G, seem more like a version of Times than anything else I can suggest.

Anyone else have any ideas?

- Mike Yanega

Identifont suggests Linotype Berling. It certainly shares some similarities, but not enough.

Still looking...

That is closer than I have gotten so far...thanks!

i've been looking at this, and following bread crumbs and random thoughts. so i landed at Georgia, which in some ways looks like your sample. of course this is not the right font as it was designed much later. however, the designer of Georgia was active and designing at the time of the sample/publication, and in the UK. is it possible that this may be some of Matthew Carter's work?