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Old-looking, outlined font.

I've been trying to look for this font for ages.
The first time I saw it was in a title card in an animated series, and I thought that it was custom made, and thus impossible to find on the Internet, but not very long ago, I found it used in a bar's facade, which led me to think that it was a pre-existing font.

The font was white with a black outline, but the TV version had some kind of "reflections". You'll understand better if you look at the image. However, the version I saw in the bar (which I assume is the original font) didn't have them.

The top image is one of the title cards I first saw the font in, and the bottom part is my own (badly-made, I know) recreation of the original look of the font, without the "reflections" seen in the first one, just as I saw it in the bar.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance ^^


This looks like a customized version of (Hammer) Uncial, with the addition of the outlining. See Neue Hammer Unziale from Linotype, as one version.

- Mike Yanega

Wow, thanks! It certainly looks like it, even more when I look at number 5, which I also have a sample of.
I've looked at American Uncial (Mecanorma), following your suggestions, and I think it must be this one.

So thanks again for having found it!

Do you know if there is any version of it with the outlining? I know that the reflections were custom-made for TV, but the version I saw in the bar had exactly the same outlining, which isn't just in the outside borders of the font, but also in some inside parts (for example, A or T).

http://Kelt Caps Freehand looks like a match for the TV title, with an added outline/shadow.

Official statement: I love you both.

The only problem there is is that while American Uncial has an international character set, Kelt Caps Freehand does not. I was specifically looking for a Spanish character set (whose only differences with the English one are the ÁÉÍÓÚ, the letter Ñ and the ¿ and ¡ symbols) but I think that with a bit of playing around with the font and having a look at my source material, I'll be able to make them.

Again, thanks!