Can Anyone Put A Font Name To The 'WT' In This Picture.

Or is it just something someone made up for a logo? Any help appreciated.


I would say that this trademark was created to be stamped, and was manufactured from a drawing or cast piece of artwork. At first I thought the T was supposed to be a steer's head, but maybe it's just a flared T-shape. Interesting that the numbers are not reversed, as I would have expected for a punch die, and that may mean the image was reversed, or this is used for stamping something thin, and read from the opposite side.

What is it for, if you know?

- Mike Yanega

I'm sure the image has been mirrored. It's for stamping the tangs of pocket knives.

We know what company made the knife (Schrade because the stamp came from the old Schrade plant after they went out of business) but not who Schrade made the knife for. Over the years there has been a good bit of discussion about this tang stamp by some very knowledgeable knife people on several different knife forums. So far, no one has been able to nail down the brand.

Trying to think out of the box, I thought I'd take a shot at maybe the 'WT' was a font instead of a logo. A lot of folks think the 'T' is a steers head. I think it's just a stylized 'T'. We're all guessing in the dark.

Thanks for your response.

Not that anyone here will be interested but the guys on AAPK ( came up with the answer within 4-1/2 hours of the original posted challenge. It's a logo for Trustworthy Hardware Stores.

i'm interested! i was looking for all sorts of answers on who that logo might be for :)