Dutch(?) thick font circa 1973 - help!

All the sample I have.


it's not an exact match, but Pasadena may be something you can start from.

Aside from the uppercase 'G' - I think Pasadena is pretty spot on as long as it would be a more heavy/expanded wieght. Since 'Pasadena' was originally digitized by "The Font Company" http://typophile.com/node/69469 I'm guessing the original was a film type and likely not currently owned or administered by anyone?

I wonder if the 'G' was an alternate of the original font, but either not digitized or ? Any advise on what the original non-digital font would be?

A film type might not have a legal owner in the US, but it can have one in much of the rest of the world, plus it usually does have a "moral" owner anywhere, arguably forever. That thread Jodie linked to looks like a must-read in terms of figuring out who one might ask for permission.


Flip the /A head-to-tail, close up the /O, and…

Close, but the 'R' is not right on Alpha Midnight or your interpretation. Getting closer to an origin though, particularly if the Alpha Midnight Solotype origin is from a Filmotype (or similar) source.

BTW Hrant, based on the comments that "The Type Company" simply closed up shop and effectively abandoned their work, I would not consider paying any of the aforementioned font vendors for a license. I do find it hard to believe that any individual or entity would fully abandon a wealth of digital IP. I'll keep looking for the source.

It might indeed be too much to expect for somebody to track down a disinterested party and say "please let me pay you!" :-) but that's still what honor is made of.


I am not disagreeing with you. I am simply stating that fonts.com and other sellers of (in this example) Pasadena are not paying royalties to anyone but themselves. I see no reason to pay fonts.com - hence my search for the underlying creator of the work.

Good move.