Serif flooring company logo

I've been asked to slightly tweak an existing wordmark for a flooring company in Indianapolis, Indiana, but the files provided are flattened (non-vector) tifs and jpgs. If this wordmark isn't a custom typeface, I'd rather adjust it by buying the typeface and re-typesetting it in Illustrator so that the client has the editable artwork moving forward for all usages.

Look familiar to anyone? I tried a few type identifiers online, but none came up with results that matched this wordmark. I'm guessing because there were limited characters available for me to comment on with their widgets.

If it's useful, you can also view their logo in play on their current website:

Thanks, in advance, for any help.


Thanks! Antiqva lookes like it's definitely really close. I wonder if the designer tweaked it?

Kermans has used this for a number of years, though, and I noticed Antiqva came out just in 2011. Any idea if Antiqva was based on something else? That "source" typeface might be the version the original Kermans logo designer used to get that wider K and R. Thanks again.

Thanks! Trajan's pretty close, too. Do you think the designer just scaled the K and R to be wider in the wordmark?

i found many that look like it, i used

and i took a screen shot of the font you have and cropped it, there are many others that fit and look like it, you man want to give that a try

it may give you what your looking for

Ugh! The good news is it's resolved. The bad news? It's definitely a *vertically scaled* Trajan. Just tried it out. Thanks for all the help, friends.

Use this site if you ever need to check font styles


There are many others that fit and look like it, you man want to provide that a try.