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I know that the likelyhood of this font being a "font" is next to none. So I'm wondering if anyone knows of a font that is similar.

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This is surely hand-drawn, given the spontaneous feeling it has. It has a flair that is hard to find in a font. Stephen Rapp has some nice scripts with swashes and alternate glyphs, and Laura Worthington's Sheila has the most similar feel in terms of the apparent spontaneity. Some of her other scripts, like Alana are also very nice and have multiple glyphs for most letters.

- Mike Yanega

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You're right, Stephen Rapp does have some good looking fonts. Thanks for your opinion.

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Thanks for the kind words. Here are a couple of newer fonts that have a pretty similar feel. These types of scripts are popular in the wedding market these days.

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For this one, I like Insolente by La Goupil.
More suggestions for wedding invitation fonts:

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