Typeface: height problems, non-latin encodings, etc.

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Typeface: height problems, non-latin encodings, etc.

Hi everyone,
I am doing a cyrillic version of Engravers’ Gothic and as this is my first typeface ever, I’ve naturally stuck with some problems of formats and technical details.

1. One problem is that TT and T1 seem to interpret ascenders height differently (or maybe x-height?) and thus my font looks differently when saving it as TT and as a T1. Look here — the black one is TT, the purple one is T1. Why is that? How come?

2. Further on, even if I use T1 as a solution or better to say, as a method to avoid hinting problems with TT, I get this (pdf), when exporting a document from InDesign CS. This document (pdf) in its turn is the same document printed through Distiller. What is this phenomenon and what do I do?

3. Of course, if anyone wants to say anything regarding the type itself (its cyrillic part, of course), I am all ears.

I am sorry for posting this thread into “Design” forum, but that’s because I couldn’t find “start thread” in “Build” forum. :/ If admins can move it there, that would be certainly much more appropriate.

Thanks everyone in advance.