Script font on face-lit sign?

Can someone please help me and tell me what this font is or if its a custom mark?


This is a sign that a client saw on a website and has requested the same font. Here a link to the website:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I realize that the chances of identifying a script handwriting font are slim to none as it is probably a custom job, but I have searched for days and can't even find something remotely close to at least try and imitate it.

Please help!

Although the /L is different, the lowercase seem close enough to http://Las Vegas Fabulous by House Industries

By far the closest match I've seen yet. That lowercase U was the tricky part with the left side being higher than the right.

Thank you!

Any clue about the L?

More (very loosely...) similars: Freestyle Script, House Script

Sorry I can't find something close/similar to this /L

Thank you both very much. This helps me out tremendously!