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companion text for Chalet Comprime

I'm looking for a companion text font for use with heads in Chalet Comprime. We're using Cologne 80 and MilanSixty weights in allcaps.

It's for print, specifically a 30 pg booklet for starters. Type will be larger than a typical book.

I'm just starting to look at possible combinations and would really appreciate any input.


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I am working on a typographic portrait project for a typography class and am using Chalet Comprimé as my chosen subject. For the preliminary specimens and design brief, I've had some good results pairing Comprimé with Chalet or Chalet Book (the two companions from House Industries). Chalet Book seems to be more versatile due to the small caps, small cap figures and OpenType features. It might be way too geometric to pair with Comprimé (for your taste, and point size that you are going for, in text). But if you are using headers in MilanSixty all caps, they might play well together. I've also tried Folio with limited experimentation as a companion text face.

Good luck~