Caslon semiserif?

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Please don't kill me. :-/
caslon semiserif

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Well, I personally like it - the spacing for one is nice and tight. But why is it called "semi-serif" (it's a sans), and why is it in the "serif" forum?! :-)

Anyway, wherever this belongs/ends_up, could you provide a Flash version, or failing that, some close-ups?


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Well, I don't actually like it took much and that's why I put it here, something is still incredibly wrong and I can't quite focus what it is.

Semimserif because it started with a semiserif design, but now (you're right) there's not nuch left.
Actually there are some serifs up on v x w y and there should be also on u but I messed up.

Flash is coming up soon, thanks for the nice comments!

(sould I repost it in the sans group or leave it here?)

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> something is still incredibly wrong and I can't quite focus what it is.

> Uppercase?


Marco, I'm not sure what would be "incredibly wrong" with it. Except the lc "g", of course. :-)

Let's maybe wait for a better/closer look.

As to where it should go, I'm guessing the moderator(s) can relocate this whole thread to the Sans Serif area, if you ask them to.


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BTW, it just dawned on me:
Is this supposed to be a [now-]sans companion to Caslon? I think that's a *great* idea. But which Caslon?! There are so many... This is especially important if you want to be able to mix this with [a] Caslon on the same page: the relative color, apparent size, and other things have to be taken into careful consideration.


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I'm pretty impressed so far - and I too had been thinking about how well a sans would fare if based heavily on a serif. I'm in the market for an extremely readable sans for text, and one that came at least a little close to the readability of Caslon would be a dream come true.

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For seekers of "de-serifed" romans Today Sans
by Volker Küster might be of interest:

It is said that Slimbach's Cronos is based on
or even a ripoff of Today.


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Today Sans is amazing. Somewhat mannered, but still extremely capable.

I personally wouldn't call Cronos a copy, but I think it does "rip off" some significant innovations from Today. And it doesn't make me happier to see Adobe get a TDC award for it, not to mention a *patent* on it. (But they also got a patent on *Garamond*, so...)

Here's something too:

> Slimbach & Co.'s Myriad always seemed like a Frutiger "appropriation" to me

And to Frutiger, from what I understand.

> Today is the most tightly-spaced sans I've ever worked with.

That's actually a good thing, even -no, especially- in text setting. The letters have to meld into words (they have to become less letters).

I've come to believe that contemporary standards of spacing are too loose. The metal boys couldn't space much tighter than they did - but we can. There is certainly such a thing as too-tight spacing, but Today I feel is just right.

And I'll note here that the good readability of Times is due to its very tight spacing - overcoming its deficiencies (which could be attributed to its unintelligent conversion to digital) in terms of lightness and contrastiness.

Tight tracking in headlines is largely a matter of taste - but in headlines, largely function.


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Thanks to everybody for the hints and tips.

There are still no Uppercase and there will not be any until I can make the lowercase look ok, I'll be posting something soon, let me fix a couple of things.

The font was born to be a semi version of Caslon, based on many different interpretations of caslon and caslon buch (adobe, Berthold, ITC).

The "mission" is making a modern/readable font for (short) body text. Hrant, thanks for the support, I'll sure make sure color and size will fit with caslon's.

Thanks also for the links and similarities with other fonts, it helps me check for errors.


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Also, as a "de-serifed" I wouldn't forget the rotis sans . One of the most innovative fonts of the century, based on frutiger's univers and a good Times.
Very interesting serif-looking contrasts.


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Rotis is my all-time favorite font, in terms of spirit - and spirit is the most important thing - everything else is really just a consequence.

For more syrupy prose, do a Find on "Rotis" in:


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I agree that something just doesn't feel right. I think that the problem may be in the terminals. Seeing the s with its beaks still intact, for example makes the d etc. look like they need their serifs. Another example would be the c, with its ball. Right now these characters, which basically have escaped modification do make the face feel closer to the serifs than other sans-romans, which is part of the charm of the face. I do think they could be toned back to match the other characters, though. I would definitely try to keep a two story g, for example, but the terminal on the top of the f could be sheared off, or treated differently.

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This face has been relocated to "Sans Serif."

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Marco & Jonas:

Frantisek Storm recenetly released "John Sans", a sans serif based on Baskerville:

It's a really interesting take on the topic of "de-serifing" serifed romans, and it has many of Storm's signature touches as well. Definitely worth a look.


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Well, Slimbach & Co.'s Myriad always seemed like a Frutiger "appropriation" to me, so the Cronos/Today connection makes sense.

BTW, Today is the most tightly-spaced sans I've ever worked with. Positive tracking even in some headlines.

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