ID pre-1925 italic font help

I'm trying to match this font for a dust-jacket reconstruction. I can't seem to locate an italic with this peculiar cupped apex on the cap A, and the flat (not steeply angled) lc "f". Looking through McGrew's AMERICAN METAL TYPEFACES, it is similar to MacFarland Italic (p. 208) but the f is wrong there. He mentions that it is known as "Classic" on Linotype, but my Linotype catalog (1939) is missing that section even though it is mentioned in the contents. If someone has that section and can check it out for me and contact me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks very much.


Okay, with no answers here, so far, I've managed to identify it myself. It is an old Linotype face called "Classic." An Old Style face that seems to have been removed from later editions of the Linotype Specimens book. I managed to find a PDF of an earlier catalog that has a full set of the roman and italic. Thanks anyway.

Thanks for letting us know, Phil.