Ff the bea

Could ident this font please.

Thank you very much.


Thought for a second it was Beta Sans, but nope. This one is rounder. Looks like it could’ve been something by Hans Reichel.

Maybe it’s an announcement for a new yet-to-be-released FontFont? :-) If I may be so bald (!) to inquire, where did you get that sample from?

besides the b

and the h

It occurred to me that since it was spotted being used by British Airways, it might be a proprietary face used solely by them. Through a little sleuthing I found out that there is a proprietary face that was developed for British Airways called Mylius. The sample seen here isn’t close to the font in question, but supposedly there is a sans as well; unfortunately, I couldn’t find any more information about the font or any more samples of it.

Caveat: the font was adopted ten years ago (I think); BA may have changed direction since then.

Hi Yves, thanks for your help.

The Font is released so far. I saw him in the British Airways Magazine

Reminds me a tiny bit of the typeface Jeremy Tankard designed for the updated logo of -the now defunct- Sabena Airlines, though that was obviously a very bold version. See in the Design section under Sabena.

BTW The FontFont remark was meant to be a joke, as the chopped off bit of text made for a typical FontFont name: FF TheBea. Maybe a Luc(as) de Groot design, the feminine equivalent to FF TheSans, TheSerif and TheMix? :-)

Yeah, I know, that’s not very funny…

well, I don’t know the font, but I can name the phrase hinted at here: “Off the beaten path.” Which, coincidentally, is what the font in question likely is.

veto light

Linotype calls it Veto, Berthold calls it Evo.

It’s close enough to the first sample that I would wager that British Airways magazine commissioned it as a display weight.

I believe the British music mag Q used Evo for a while, too…

Thanks for your help.

But i don’t think that it is the veto or evo.