Help! What is this font???

Does anyone recognize this font?
or can suggest another alternative?


The closest I have is Primer Print but that's not a match. The css reveals the name is 'ff2' but I wasn't able to find any information with it. My feeling is it's either a custom typeface or a freebie.
More similars: Europa Grotesk SB Round Alternate, Cennerik, Primary Penmanship, Quicksand

The name of the font in the original PDF is called SchoolText by Mountain Lake Software. It should be available in their School Fonts Collection.

Thank you very much!

The Primary is a good alternative. But i really liked the SchoolText font. I found it for free download in

but from some reason the download file is corrupt, can anyone help me with that?


Is SchoolText a freely-available font?


Is SchoolText a freely-available font?

Unlikely. It's apparently been bundled with other products such as ClarisWorks and (as such fonts often do) has made its way into the archives of some mass font repositories. I don't know of any legitimate source to download it, but it is part of the School Font Collection CD (PDF link) which is available from several online vendors.