A mythical approach to readablity

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A mythical approach to readablity


Last year I created the Magical Unicorn Typeface: A typeface, while flawed, still managed to capture the spirit of these noble animals in graphemes. However, it wasn't the end, a continuation of the Unicorn Typeface was a must.


The Unicorn-Pegasus letters are an development of the Unicorn font. With the translation of the original drawings to the usable Unicorn font, many details disappeared and the hand-drawn character was lost. This series of initials is extremely detailed and compared to the Unicorn Font, no shapes have been cut. Each Unicorn-Pegasus is complete, from the tip of the horn to the far end of the tail.

While the images might become available in the future (or become vectorized as a companion weight for the Magical Unicorn & Unicorn Sans weights) I hope this approach towards type might open the discussion about the requirement of horns or hooves for better readability.

More information and images can be found on: my portfolio or for more images on Behance.