Humanist/sans suggestions please

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Hello Typophile,

I am looking for a little help. I have just started in a new job leading the interface design for a digital publishers. They have asked me to take a look at the brand collateral with a view of updating it all in the near future.

Currently their logo is lowercase bold Trebuchet, which I find ungainly and a bit ugly.

I was hoping that I could get some suggestions for typefaces that are sans or humanist, so some character, not too formal, but also not too quirky.

Any suggestions gratefully received!


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I would look to the TypeTogether library for such fonts.


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I designed Sense and Sensibility with a certain amount of commonality/interchangeability between them, so that might be leveraged in the design process. They are in some ways opposites—minimalist vs. oldstyle, geometric vs. humanist, formal vs. quirky, if you will.

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