Headers from Peace Walker

I want to make a tidy guide/checklist for Peace Walker, and for that I'm looking for the font that it uses in the headers, like "Mother Base", etc. I've tried several typeface identification engines, but none worked. However this font looks too distinct to be completely custom-made. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I couldn't find any HD screens online, so I had to go and shoot the TV with a camera, sorry for the quality.
I can find and photograph other letters and symbols, if they're needed.


That /R looks like straight from Replica but the other glyphs don't match...

No luck then? I'm gonna bump it one last time to make sure before losing hope.

Sorry wasn't able to find a match for this one. The only one I have is Nottke, very loosely similar... Feels "freebie" to me. I can only suggest you to have a look to some sections at DaFont. This will be long but might work: http://Techno > Sci-fi, http://Techno > Various, http://Basic > Sans serif.

Thanks, I've looked through these categories, found a couple fonts that are really similar (Aero Matics, Beer), but no exact match. Especially for that distinct "S". Thank you anyway, I only need several words so I think I"ll splice them from what I already have.