OTF and Acrobat incompatibility?

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OTF and Acrobat incompatibility?

I am running Acrobat X Pro and finding difficulty generating pdf's with .otf fonts. Using Ventura 10, I imported a publication created in Ventura 8 on a new desktop on which I'd just installed an .otf typeface. The program renders the typeface fine on screen, will print to a physical printer, but when trying to generate a pdf, Acrobat X Pro produces blank pages where the .otf typeface is supposed to appear. Rules appear normally, .ttf fonts work fine, but body text calling for an .otf font simply appears as a blank page. I have a similar problem using the .otf typeface (I think I tried both normal and ital weights) in CorelDraw X3, only in this application, not only could I not produce a pdf with text, but when I changed the text to the .otf font, the text disappeared from the screen.
Any suggestions?