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Hi there,
I'm working on a logo and need some help identifying the right font to use.
I'm looking for a sans-serif font with soft rounded edges, preferablly something with a single-stack lowercase "a". I like the humanistic qualities of Avenir but obviously this font isn't rounded.

I also like the style of the font in the new esurance logo, which I have attached below.

Fonts that I've considered so far include:
1. Comforta (although I feel like it's almost too rounded).
2. Museo (getting closer but some of the elements remind me of an old typewriter font).

Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks so much!

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Does it have to be a free font?

BTW Comfortaa doesn't seem very well-crafted.


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@hrant Thanks for the reply, it doesn't have to be free and I agree Comfortaa isn't very well crafted, which is another reason I didn't want to use it.

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Helvetica Rounded

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If you're looking for something modern and can wait for a couple of days ;)

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VAG Rounded?

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Have a look at Bryant with OTF alternative characters:

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