18c Script?

Hi! any ideas on this one please guys?.. There's an italic I'm having trouble with too.

Many thanks, James.


THE is Chopin Script, AKA Polonaise
- Herb

Even if some letters differ, Chopin Script is considered by many people here as a rip-off of Polonaise by Phil Martin. See http://here for previous discussions on this topic.

EDIT: text edited after Herb's post. Was "Chopin Script is a well-known rip-off of Polonaise". Thanks Herb for the precision, was too hasty to conclude.

It depends on what one considers a rip-off vs. legitimate revivals. While Phil Martin designed Polonaise as photo lettering in the early 1970's , there is a Type Revivals digitization named Chopin Script TR with an internal creation date of 1992. The earliest digitization named Polonaise I can find is URW's from 1999.

AFAIK, Claude Pelletier's Chopin Script (1999?) is based on the original printed design.

I know that the 1992 date is accurate, because Soft Horizons/Vertisoft cloned the TR version as ChaseCallas in 1993.

If it's Phil Martin that was ripped off, who's to say that the digitized Polonaise is any less a rip-off than Chopin? Unless somebody KNOWS whether he gave permission, sold rights, or has an interest in any of these.

- Herb

Chopin! Right. I'll look into that. Thanks!

Thank you, Ryuk.