Help identify two possibly related faces?

I came across some type samples of two (possibly unrelated) typefaces used in Mechanics and Handicraft circa 1936–38. It looks pretty Futura-like, but I'm most interested in identifying the italic (though that uppercase G in the Roman is really lovely...).

Can anyone help with identification or some similar fonts/faces?


PS. I did carve it down and used both What the Font and Identifont only to come up empty.

Funky Italic indeed!


it's not a match, but Skopex Gothic Regular Italic has a similar serif application.

Must not have made it to digital. When I looked at that I thought it was something from the early 90's, it's so funky. I googled and found the italic in a photo from an Oct 1937 issue:

Josev, yep, that's where I found it (more samples linked above).
Museo and Ottomat Italic have some similar qualities, too, but nothing quite so lovely as that italic w.

Tempo and Tempo Italic, designed by R.H. Middleton, for Ludlow.

Atwe! Thanks! It looks to be the Medium or Light versions which haven't been digitized. Such a shame. At least now I'll know the name to look out for.