(x) Red Herring magazine - custom face by The Font Bureau, Inc. {Marc O}


Red Herring magazine uses this as one of two primary header/subheader fonts.

Any ideas?


I believe it’s from Font Bureau — they reworked an early Caslon sans for Roger Black when he redesigned Red Herring a few years ago.

As far as I know, it’s not for sale. There used to be a spot on Font Bureau’s web site that had information on some of their custom type work, but that page seems to have disappeared.

That’s too bad, because I really like it, whatever it is. It manages to look contemporary while recalling a vague deco feel at the same time. Reminds me of Monopoly, I guess.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Oh well.

Thanks, Mark.

You might consider Font Bureau’s Nobel, or even English Grotesque from Device.

Great; I’ll check those out…

Thanks again!

Mark, do you have the URL for Device?
I checked out Nobel over at Font Bureau, looks very similar to Nobel Bold, you’re right…


Here’s the link for Device’s home page:

If you’re looking for an American dealer, Device fonts can be found at: