Looking for the fonts used by french magazine Paris Match

I am trying to guess what are the fonts used in this page of the french magazine Paris Match. Identifont recognize the font of the text as "Arnhem Tab Normal" and WhatTheFont as "Times Ten Roman", so I am a bit confused. Thanks anyway for your help !


The Sans headline looks like http://Verlag to me and the condensed sans body text Verlag Condensed.

Wow ! That seems to be a perfect match. Thx for the help.

I think the serif is Times Ten and the sans serif is Verlag.

Oops, it seems Ryuk edited his post just before I posted.

Can't be 100% positive for the serif but that's really looks like Times New Roman... May be Times Ten?

EDIT: now seeing Akira's id, you can blindly trust him, should be Times Ten.