1150 Vintage Vector Ornaments released - Victorian Leterpress

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1150 Vintage Vector Ornaments released - Victorian Leterpress

Hi all,

I've just released 2 new packs including 1150 Vintage Vector Ornaments & Borders.

All picked from 2 legendary 19th century type foundry catalogs.
I'm very proud of this release, the quality is amazing and they are all vectorized by hand, with great attention to the details and the soul of this decorative art.

"PRINTER'S PARADISE" contains 430 frames and 179 seamless patterns, taken directly from George Bruce's Son & Co Type Catalog (1882). The seamless backgrounds are perfect for retro packaging, posters and flyers, and you’ll also find hundreds of eclectic borders, corner fills and embellishments.

"LUXURIOUS FLOURISHES" is perfect for wedding invitations and certificates, with its 543 ornaments and 179 frames taken from Specimen Album catalog, by the Charles Derriey French type foundry (1862). If you need some authentic French penmanship in your life (and who doesn’t?), this pack has everything you could ever want.

These packs give you the exact tools a printer would have had in the late 19th century – meaning you can mix and match frames, ornaments and backgrounds from each pack, knowing they’ll work perfectly together.

I would love to hear your feedback on it!


I plan to release very soon thousands of victorian illustrations, coming from original catalogs - 1879
- Zeese's Specimens Of Electrotypes: Comprising Cuts, Borders, Initials, Ornaments...
(a very rare book, which was the foundation of a lot of type foundry illustration catalogs)
- James Conner's Electrotype Specimen - 1888

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Looks awesome :)