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and this

Aviva: most probably a custom job (and a bad one if you want my opinion), a generic sans with serifs manually added. Astoria is in the same vein.

NOVA: can't find a perfect match. Neuropolitical matches almost everything but /N and /O are less extended (easy to fix for /O, less for /N). Some more similars (need customization rounding some corners, cutting some finials, extending some crossbars or redrawing some glyphs from others): Changelling Neo (bowlers off), Bitsumishi (best /O but rest is way off), Neuropol X (/O off, cutting some finials), Pirulen (nice base but needs many tweakings), Good Times (very close but /O off), Stereo Gothic, Sui Generis

Thanks for the hardwork Ryuk!
I can see customised Astoria from AVIVA