Font used at Tampa airport

Friend takes me for a font guru and asked if I knew which font was used in the Tampa airport. Which I didn't. Do you?


Don't know this one, could even be custom. Some similars: Adrianna, Presicav

This blog (dated 2008) states that the font is Trade Gothic LT Std Bold Extended.

In their Design Criteria manual, related items are simply marked 'reserved', meaning that no policy has been established, I think.

Thanks HVB!

I didn't verify that font id ...

That /a is clearly a Venus Extended (Bauer 1900). So this one must be some Venus-Inspired revival or interpretation.

That's right, part of the /a which is probably why you're still discussing on this case, that's very close (if not matching) Trade Gothic Extended Bold and especially when you look at this sample pointed out by Herb. Some more to think about: Akzidenz Grotesk Extended, Standard Extended (probably the closest I've found), Reservation Wide, Embarcadero, Sweet Sans, CG Gothic Extended (only Extra Light unfortunately), Splendid Grotesk, Vonness