Can anyone ID this font or family?


I am trying to ID the font in the attached picture. I am taking over running a cat charity website here in Sweden and the owner does not know what font was used in making the gfx for the site but would like the existing typeface to be used if possible.

The URL to the site with more examples can be found here.

Thanks in advance!



Please check:
I found it using: - Identify the font you are looking for!

Hi Graham,

it looks indeed like http://Augie free font by Steven J. Lundeen (1997, Emerald City Fontwerks) but I have also seen this font under the names "TR Augie" and "Crap pl" with no explicit copyright message in it, so I suggest to be extra careful if you need to acquire a commercial license for your project.


I found it using Find my Font -

Hi guys!

Thanks for both of your replies. I tried to use WhatTheFont as a recognition tool but it did not find out what the font was.

Thanks again!


"TR Augie" is Lundeen's font renamed and with a new (c) notice by 'Sherlock Fonts' who dumped a couple of hundred pirated and renamed fonts on the world (with nothing else changed) about ten years ago. I hadn't seen Crap PL, but found it and, as I guessed, it's a third party addition of some characters to support the Polish language. One good fix there is that the polish version corrects the 'no embedding' flag that the old version of Fontographer defaulted to in Steve Lundeen's original. - Herb

So is the Augie on Dafont illegitimate?


The one on Dafont is Lundeen's legitimate free original.

Ah, cool. I guess some people even steal free stuff! :-/