Would love to know what this is

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Am in need of just such a stylish new type and would love to buy it.

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The vertical alignment features lead me to believe that it's hand-lettered…

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i did poke around, and of course there are similar shapes available in many blackletter fonts. i'm sure that's where whoever made your sample started. but as nick says, it looks custom to get the fitting & placement as they are.

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There definitely is some styling very specific to this setting. I liked this immediately, and should be so disappointed if it were custom.

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Sorry to confirm previous comments. Definitely a custom lettering to me too. Some for the inspiration: Legacy of Defeat, Mister Check Fonts, Design by Disorder, Golden Black, a previous discussion

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Those are great links, thanks so much. It looks like developing this skill is going to be my next design frontier. Thanks again.

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