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Scripted fonts! Please help!

I was wondering if anyone cantell me what are these two fonts? I’m really bad when it comes to scripted type fonts.

Thank you!


font 1 - I'd guess is not a font at all. note how the repeating characters do not match.

No, I'm sure these are fonts. Does anyone else know what these two fonts possibly could be?

The second one may be a font, enhanced with flourishes on the d's. But what makes you 'sure' that the first is a font? It's highly unlikely that any font would have three D's that are so similar but not identical. - Herb

It should be something similar to this scripted font. It's not so much the swashes on the letters at least the basic structure to work off of. Any ideas?

don't believe that's a font either. again, none of the curls match and the slants of the characters all seem to differ.