[FontLab] Trouble exporting kerning

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I'm stumped; I'm not seeing kerning changes exported in FontLab, with I process that I *thought* had worked before. Here's what I do:

I go to Window->New Metrics Window. I change to Text Mode, and type:


I change the Metrics Window to Kerning mode, and nudge the 'o' far enough to the right it's obviously wrong. I go to Tools->Quick Test As . . .

And . . . I see no change.

Maybe someone could tell me what steps I'm missing? I have Class Kerning with exceptions, and I've also tried rebuilding the Kern feature.

Also, I have gotten this process to work by importing a commercial .otf file and saving it to .vfb, and after I make a kerning change and try the test, it will (if I remember) prompt me to rebuild the kern feature, and ask whether to save binary or compiled tables, and this only seems to work--rarely--when I select "compiled."

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Lo, long after I solved it . . .

The answer is maddeningly simple: I was doing everything right, but FontLab and Windows' font preview funtions/tools simply do not reflect the actual kerning. You must test the font with any tool specifically designed for it. I use FontXPert's "Activate [font] Temporarily" functionality.

FontLab's kerning/text etc. preview windows do seem to reflect the reality.

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