Elegant condensed sans serif

Hello experts,

I would love to know the name of this beautiful typeface.



Thanks to [[http://www.designbasen.no/getfile.php/Bilder_Designbasen%20brukere/Bilde...|this sample]], I'd say it should be [[http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/alternate-gothic|Alternate Gothic No 1]] with a custom /G (may be started from /O)

Thanks for your time Ryuk, your sample is great !

I think [[http://myfonts.us/td-kRQj5z|Grotseque MT extra condensed]] is closer, still not perfect though.

Right. MT Grotesque Extra Condensed (MTGEC) is close but, even if /G could appear to come closer, that's doubtlessly Alternate Gothic No 1 (AGNO1) with a custom /G: /R bowler connection with vertical stem is oblique for AGNO1 and horizontal for MTGEC, MTGEC weight not enough bold, MTGEC /E middle bar too short while AGNO1 one is matching...