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Can anybody help with any of the fonts used in these logos. Much appreciated.


Boston acoustics
- Boston: my intuition says "custom work based on Eurostile"
- acoustics: (also) Eurostile

D-BOX Motion Code
- D-BOX: probably lazy after the previous suggestions but looks like a custom job and, why not, from Eurostile. Saturn is another "eurostile-like" that could work too (and for "Boston (accosutics)" too).
- MOTION CODE: possibly Avant-Garde Condensed

Future Automation Moving Audio Visual
- future automation: http://very first version of Forgotten Futurist looks like to match to me
- moving audio visual solutions: Helvetica Neue Light

Avant-Garde Demi, Pro version to get alternates /e and /y

Thank you so much!