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Font Identification

Please help me identify the R and possibly the othschild in this logo. House-A-Rama League Night from House Industries is very close to the latter and I could probably use it to manipulate but any help on the R would be greatly appreciated.


what font is this please?

Hi Ethan,

please start a new topic for your ID request, do not hijack other ID topics.


Thank you for your comment, I am not trying to "hijack" anything. I like the font and want to make a completely different design for my summer league team...I saw this font and like it. If you know the font name, that is all that I am looking for. Really, not trying to steal anything away from Disneyland.


Modern Hand Fraktur has some similar characteristics for the R, but so far no real match to report.

defiantone - Thanks for the suggestion. The R is definitely a tough one to identify. It may be an old hand drawn typeface as well.

Swimman - you hijacked my post. That's what he is talking about.

Michael - the closest I could get to your 'R' is Jaecker Schrift (revival by Petra Heidorn of Wilhelm Jaecker's 1912 typeface). I would think drawing from scratch would be easier.

And yes - hand drawn seems likely.

Thank you for the help. I decided to recreate the R using Illstrator.