what font are these?


The sans looks like Avenir to me.

For the sans: strange... part of this "[[http://www.myfonts.com/search/futura|Futura-esque]]" /M, that looks like [[http://www.myfonts.com/search/avenir|Avenir]]...
For the serif: once more, strange... part of this [[http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/itc/modern-no-216/|Modern No216 /S]] (may be that's my eyes), that looks pretty close to [[http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/mti/monotype-century-schoolbook|Century Schoolbook]] or may be I've not spotted the right version of Century or it has been stretched a bit. Anyway, that's very "Century".

The serif should be a version of Century Expanded.