Help identifying this quirky sans?

Found this from a post about the work of Rosario Florio It's one of those quirky and somewhat uncomfortable-looking sans that are trendy now. Any ideas, or suggestions for similar?


The main image is actually somewhat distorted, as I tried to get it identified on MyFonts and had to straighten out the angle. An unadulterated version is viewable on the Florio link

looks sortof like ITC Ronda, but kindof brutalized and then mixed with some non-Ronda characters.

Reminds me of this previous discussion. Simon Sans would be a fair alternative but you'll have to redraw /R (from /P). TenDollarFonts has many typefaces in the same vein. You could also have a look to I Am So Tired With Your Experimental Sans, Colophon Foundry, Grilli Type and Radim Peško.