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Couple of ID's

Hi folks, need help with 2 fonts or similar fonts would help.

1st 'vandal'
2nd 'Galaxy'


GALAXY: Samsung Imagination, Samsung's corporate typeface not available to sell, close to Neutraliser Sans and Isonorm

Thanks very much Ryuk...very helpful. Anyone any ideas on a similar font to the 'vandal jackpot'?? Thanks

Thought it was easy as Trade Gothic Condensed Bold for "VANDAL GOTHIC" but I was forgetting this /J. The only I have in stock that could fit these specifications is Rama Gothic Expanded (Semibold or Bold). There are also:
- Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed but it's not enough bold and following weights (Medium and Bold) have totally different /K, /P and /J designs
- Block Gothic but /K is off
- Helevetica Condensed Bold close but overall design off

Thanks again Ryuk