The Look of Sound

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The Look of Sound

The Look of Sound: Marketing, products and technology in the American record industry, 1888-1967
By Nick Shinn

TYPO San Francisco 2013, April 11

An investigation into how new media creates voids that take shape as they suck up content, and how—against the grain of technological determinism—marketing and design influence the cultural formats that emerge. Three innovations are examined: the 78 rpm disc in 1898, the LP in 1948, and stereo in 1958.

This talk will be accompanied by illustrations of records and record players, branding, advertising, collateral and packaging (album covers), with contemporary sound clips.

A couple of “slides” to whet your appetite:

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Interesting subject matter Nick, good luck with your talk!

Just last weekend I was diving thru some boxes of old 78s that I inherited from my grandparents and amongst them are some home Wilcox-Gay Recordio Discs. Here's the best explanation of those discs that I could find...

...the discs I have have the metal substrate.

Pre-magnetic tape home recording technology!