Help To Identify Font For Attached File

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Need help to identify embroidery font. Thanks for your help!

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hm. only two letters... try [Bad link]

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Thank you so much for the quick reply!

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Thanks you for the quick reply!

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FontFont fonts are expensive. IF you're looking for a sample of a *typeface* to use as a model for hand stitching, and IF a chancery is to be that model, here is a place where you can get them legitimately, for free.

particularly -- though the W is different --

A generally more useful site for free fonts is font squirrel

If you're really after a *font*, that is, some software that will be used (more or less automatically) to drive a printing press, laser printer, sign-painting machine, or in your case, a sewing machine, you may need to keep looking

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Charles, why did you just randomly say that FontFont fonts are expensive?

BTW, although for many projects you can get away with using a free/cheap font, that does not mean there's zero correlation between price and quality.


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Thank you Charles!

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