ID this font


I am looking for this font. I suppose is a Bodoni, but I'm not sure about it, and there are so many types…




i'm not convinced it's a Bodoni. that said, i also haven't found the right combination for you. will keep looking. maybe one of the other regulars will find it.

In fact is similar to Industrial 736 Std Italic or the Moderno Italic, but with many differences…

Hi Teknos,
I think I got it, I guess it must be : Carmen from TypeRepublic foundry

Yeah, Carmen is a beautiful font! Anyway, the neck of the "g" and the ascenders of the "l" are different…


hm. nice font, but i disagree. close. the serifs should not angle, and the "drops" are a bit too large & rounded.

Well, the Didot light Italic 42 pt Master from Hoefler & Frere Jones seems to fit better even if I can't see the "ic" ligature on the website...

Yeah, is this! I can't see neither the ligatures. Maybe is a detail of the designer.



Is odd, I dont really think that this ligature is made by the designer, but I am trying the H&F J Didot and doesn't seem to have any ligature…