TRAVIS for Lake Travis

What in the heck are they using for TRAVIS? (Scriptina for Lake, of course).

Any takers?

As always thank you to the brilliant mind in advance.


It looks like Basilea designed by Markus Low.

Agree with Akira. I'm also pretty convinced it's an old Letterhead Fonts called Kellie Ann, no more available. Unfortunately, I was not able to even spot a specimen.

I was told the font was Sousanna.

But Basilea looked exactly the same based on those 5 letters, and managed to find it free.

Thank you

See this thread about the same typeface. To the list that appears there, you can add LHF's Kelly Ann. It would appear that the ICG Basilia is as close to an 'original" as can be found. The others (with the possible exception of Kelly Ann) are all by well-known copyists.