Thin slab serif

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Hi everyone,

The inspiration for this one came after seeing a scan in the Type Identification Board:

Here is a draft of the lowercase + the letter H to set the cap height:

As usual, the "s" is no good (yet) and there are "rough" looking characters, so any comments appreciated.


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This is nice.. I like it..
( In particular your 'g' is lovely.. )

( I think you are right about the 's' needing some more work.. It seems slightly leaning towards the left, and the middle part may seem a bit uneven.. Oh, and there is something about the lower part of the 'a' that 'bothers' me, but I cant really describe what that may be.. Maybe thats just me.. )

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Stephen, I just noticed the "t" and fixed it, thanks. As for the Didot's "g" ... well, I thought it might work in a font like this one and give it some character.

Dav, I am not quite happy with the "a" either, there are some variations with smaller counters, which I am still considering. And the "s" is always hard for me. I will probably get back to it afer the capitals.

My idea was to draw one more weight apart from this one - (25% thinner) and another one with shorter serifs.

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For the "g", try a join that's a straight vertical* instead of that half-oval.

* Maybe with a rightward serif at the bottom connection though.


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Whoa! I Firmin Didot 'g' in a Lubalin Graph. Very interesting.
Did you mean to dip your 't' below the baseline?

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